Lynley Park - Sections for sale in Omokoroa, Tauranga.

By Olwyn Nicholls and Dellas Anderton.

Lynley Park is named after the widely acclaimed Lynley Park Pedigree Jersey Stud which was established by Bert Wall and his wife Rita in 1941.

In 1914 Mr John James Wall, father of Bert (one of five children) purchased approximately 200 acres from Mr Holyoake who had owned the land from 1910 to 1914, (who was the father of the late Sir Keith Holyoake, Prime Minister of New Zealand (1960 to 1972 and later Governor General) half way down the Omokoroa Beach Road.

Most of the land was in gorse and manuka and was only able to milk a herd of 16 dairy cows. Omokoroa in those days was thought to be “out in the sticks”. After many years of hard back breaking work the land was cleared and by the early 1950's had become a beautiful, high-producing farm with a herd of 93 cows on 150 acres. It was acclaimed the highest producing herd in the Bay of Plenty and East Coast Herd Improvement Association for the season 1956-57 for herds of over 50 cows.

One special cow was Lynley Park Irene V.H.C. (Very Highly Commended) who was awarded a Merit Certificate for production for the testing season ending 30 June 1960 for producing 727 lb fat, 13080lb milk and a test of 5.6% in 305 days. This was awarded by the NZ Jersey Cattle Breeders Association for highest production in the B.O.P. The herd being a pedigree stud was bred by Bert's unique gift of being able to source and blend blood lines of the highest type and production. There was no artificial breeding in those days. Many farmers in the B.O.P. And further afield relied on him for their herd sires which were presented every year at his annual sale held on the farm.

As daughters of Bert (Barbara, Olwyn, Dianna and Dellas) these sale days were the highlight of our year with the preparation of the stock, which had to be presented in top condition having been covered and clipped. We had many visiting farmers checking out the stock so there were endless cups of tea and baking. On sale day our mother Rita, with the help of her sisters (Grace Crapp and Win Adams), served lunch and refreshments ans we were allowed to come home from school for the traditional “sale day” lunch of pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches etc. The front paddock would be full of cars, trailers and trucks and hearing the exciting banter of the auctioneer and the general excitement all around made these very memorable occasions.

In 1962 our brother Ian bought the farm from our father, even though he continued to work on the farm until he was 70 years old, when his health forced him to retire.

Ian branched out to the Guernsey breed which he found were more robust than the Jerseys making calves easier to rear. Ian also named his stud Lynley Park. Sadly he developed leukaemia in 1989 and died in 1990. His herd was dispersed and was sought after by other Guernsey breeders. The farm was then leased to his nephew Colin Anderton who bred Friesians and called his stud Lynley Park.

Over the years it was a very successful farm representing many breeds of stud cattle. The farm, which by December 2003 comprised 120 acres was sold for development to Durham Developments with the proviso that the subdivision be called Lynley Park.

Historic film of Lynley Park Omokoroa.
This film was taken when the dairy stud was being wound up. It contains wonderful arial views of the Park and the Omokoroa Peninsula as well as giving an overview of the Omokoroa, Tauranga area. Some changes have occurred over the years but the views and sunsets remain the same.
This video is used with kind permission of Olwyn Nicholls.
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