Lynley Park - Sections for sale in Omokoroa, Tauranga.

Stage 7 under construction with planned completion Spring 2022

Lynley Park is a quality residential subdivision in Omokoroa, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. If you are looking for Tauranga sections with views and lifestyle in mind, you will find that Lynley Park ticks all of the boxes.

Large Sections with views of Mount Maunganui, the Port of Tauranga and the Tauranga Harbour are available in Stage 7. Situated just 15 minutes from Bethlehem, Tauranga, Lynley Park is an ideal residential subdivision for many.

The local community have a strong sense of identity and welcome new residents warmly. With great schools, local shops and restaurants, beaches, a wharf and a regular ferry to nearby Matakana Island, the Omokoroa peninsula is an ideal place for families. Visit Lynley Park to find out more about the Bay of Plenty's most desirable residential development.


Stage 7 under construction with planned completion Spring 2022

About Lynley Park - Tauranga Residential Subdivision
Aboout Omokoroa

Find your ideal section on our quality subdivision in Omokoroa, Tauranga. Sections with Kaimai sunsets, sections with Tauranga Harbour views. Large Sections within the Tauranga area.

Lynley Park is a fully serviced subdivision that adjoins Tauranga Harbour, and in keeping with the open space the developers have provided larger lots, most sections are over 800 square metres and many over 1000 square metres ... Read more.

Omokoroa has a range of facilities and services for life and leisure, to suit all ages and stages. Decile 9 and 10 schools, coastal walkways, reserves and a wonderful community make Omokoroa, Taurangas finest peninsula. Find out more about Omokoroa here.

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